Friday, February 1, 2008

Big Big Love

Here is a piece that was created for a show at the North Dam Mill which opened last night on the theme; Big Big Love. It is a portrait of my husband.
I titled it SUPER HERO. It may sound corny, but to me that is what he is. I have believed since we gravitated to each other that he is the reincarnation of my dearly departed best friend and loyal partner, Anjl (my dog) In addition he is part bird - Duck to be exact, this quality manifests itself over and over in the way of water off a duck's back. He soars above the frey - He can fly. He is essential like water, yet he is also part human, with all of our faults and eccentricities, and creativity.
To the title I have added a sub-text: "He can turn stone to flesh". Once upon a time life had compressed and hardened, tumbled, and turned - leaving behind the hard stone form - stone fortress; a monument to the individual. It was an achievement and a badge of honor. But stone is no match for water - something soft and maleable.

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