Sunday, January 20, 2008

encaustic on cement

Here is another example of encaustic on cement. I have added a a bit to this since this was taken and if I can get my act in gear I will take another shot and update this post with that.
I am always searching for something strong - concrete seemed to me to be the ticket - but it is actually pretty fragile and susceptible to breakage. I do like the effect with encaustic, it has a dreamy quality.
This piece is about 16"X16"


Lynda Cole said...

Using cement as a substrate is interesting. Did you cast a form of rectangular cement then paint with encaustic on it or is it more complicated than that?
Nice work.

llmd said...

Hi Lynda - thanks for the comments and question. I did cast a cement form - made the form out of wood then poured the cement in and put a wire armature in the center. On a couple of others I used a medium that is part clay and part cement - it is very strong and I just layered that over metal lathe to get my working surface.